About Us

Certified PCR r-LDPE and r-LLDPE Supplier of Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

Climate change is a serious problem, and we are proud of our continuous efforts. Recycling is good for the environment since it decreases the exploitation of natural resources and virgin materials.

CY Group is a proud member of Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), representing the plastics recycling industry in North America. The Association of Plastic Recyclers is a global trade organisation that represents the plastics recycling sector. Members of the APR are dedicated to the achievement of plastics recycling. This membership also covers the entire industry, and assists APR plastics member companies shape the future of our industry via their commitment.
Recycling to Produce New Things for Better Purposes
“Any time you use renewable resources, or secondary resources, there’s less carbon emitted than if you use primary resources”
Since 2004, CY Group has been a leading PCR LDPE plastic recycling company for both local and international markets.

Our plant has three locations in Selangor, totaling more than ten acres of land. With the facilities and capacities of our gear, we can recycle, process, and manufacture up to 60,000 tonnes of goods yearly.

It takes less energy to make products from recycled materials than it does to make them from new materials. LDPE plastic recycling reduces the demand for new raw materials, which helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of resource extraction.
We Can Contribute To The Change If We Act Together
Our primary activity is the processing and recycling of all forms of plastics, both post industrial waste and post consumer plastic waste, whether in the form of components, resins, or trash.

We are aggressively pursuing a pollution-free earth strategy in order to convert plastic trash into reusable plastic items for future generations. Our core focus is the Environment First principle, which we live and operate by as a plastic recycling manufacturer.

Our Award

Manufacturer- Asia Success Award 2010 - Super Brand” for “The Best Recycled Plastic Material.”

Our People

Dato’ Sri Ho entered the plastic recycling business with a mission to make an impact and the bigger purpose of saving the planet, one recycled plastic at a time.

The Chairman

Dato’ SRI HO LENG WEl is the chairman of CY Group, which consists of CY Plastic Recycling Sdn Bhd, CY Manufacturing Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, CY Intertrade Sdn Bhd and Yuan Wei Plastic Sdn Bhd. In addition to these significant responsibilities, he is also the Honorary President of the Malaysian Plastics Recycling Association (MPRA).

Dato’ Sri Ho came from humble beginnings. He helped his family collect and transport plastic waste for plastic recyclers in his 20s early. Later, he started offering similar cash operations to these merchants.

From thereon, his career has grown by leaps and bounds and has grown into the CY Group today. With his proficiency and ability, Dato Sri Ho entered the plastic recycling industry on a mission to make an impact, with the aim of saving the planet the best way he knows how.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lim Zhe Hao

“CY Group’s mission of sustainability and lowering waste is really important & we stand by this policy wholeheartedly”

The employees of CY Group always dedicate themselves to the motto of protecting the environment.

Our team consists of dedicated eco-conscious leaders, professionals, and staff who prioritise the environment in everything they do.

Since CY Group’s incorporation in early 2004, the founder and the team have worked tirelessly as a global partner to reduce greenhouse emissions and end the increased amount of plastics strewn across every corner of the globe.

No matter how small or large, we hope our ongoing efforts will inspire companies and individuals alike to take action to save Mother Nature from pollution.

Our Goal

Company Philosophy

Our goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction, competitive pricing,
Quality product assurance and Trusted delivery excellent service. That is why we are confident with our capability and resources to meet customized export orders – big or small.


Employees are the key factor for the prosperity of the company

Environmental Friendly

Propelling into environmental friendly technology


Trusted service excellence shouldn't just be our department, it's should be our entire company.


is vital to our consumers, to our company and most importantly, to one’s self and one's values