Recycled Stretch Film

If you enjoy wrapping your palleted products in recycled stretch film and take extra care of your products, our recycled stretch film should be something you consider. Recycled Stretch Film is a highly stretchy plastic film consisting of polyethylene (PE) base materials that are commonly used for pallet wrapping and industrial product packaging to secure loading for smooth transit storage and handling.

Outstanding Quality and Cost Effective

It does feel great to know that your loads are properly and safely contained when you use recycled stretch films. We prioritise sustainability, thus ensuring that your products reach your consumers undamaged and securely wrapped.

Is it possible to recycle stretch film? The swift answer is yes. Stretch film is commonly made out of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which is classified as category four in recycling programmes.

The real-world solution for many polymers is more complicated. Consider the labour of collecting and organising the small stretch films that cover cigarette packs. Recycled stretch film, unlike retail plastic packaging, can usually be recaptured in centralised warehouses.

We produce a wide range of blow stretch films such as hand roll, jumbo roll, and machine roll in CY Plastics that can help cater to your wants and needs! Get in touch with us and get outstanding high-quality recycled stretch films at a low cost.